more Upload less Download

MULD or More Upload Less Download is about how online education needs a new way of looking at interaction, engagement and motivation in an online learning space. As Turkle (2011) outlined in one of her amazing Ted talks “Why do people expect more from technology and less from the students”. I love technology, but pedagogy should always come first, we have to re-think what technology can do for learning and look at what learners can do with technology. Technolust is a condition that befalls us all and while new sparkly artefacts will always grab our attention, the fact remains that people learn through interaction and communication, they need a mirror to bounce ideas off . Wagner described it as “reciprocal events” , where a healthy learning community needs learner – learner, learner – content, and learner – instructor and now we can add an extra learner – technology. Anderson and Garrison (2000) developed the concept of communities of Inquirery  CoI ” a process of creating learning an experience through the development of three interdependent elements – social, cognitive and teaching presence”.



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